Park Pavilion Rentals

Pavilion Rentals

We have an indoor and outdoor pavilion at Walter & Mary Burke Park, which is on the water in beautiful downtown New Baltimore. The indoor pavilion features a small enclosed room that seats about 30 people comfortably. With the outdoor patios attached to the pavilion, the capacity is 120 people. There is a small kitchenette with a fridge, microwave, and sink. The outdoor pavilion is a standard open-air pavilion that has a capacity of 175 people.

The other pavilion is at Maynard "Red" Aurand Memorial Park at 24 Mile and Huntley. This somewhat secluded park has a wonderful playscape, a restroom facility, several athletic fields and is surrounded by woods. The outdoor pavilion has a capacity of 95 people.

        Walter & Mary Burke Park                                             Walter & Mary Burke Park
               Indoor Pavilion                                                                  Outdoor Pavilion

    Maynard "Red" Aurand Memorial Park

Pavilion & Park Rules

1. Park hours are 9:00am - 9:00pm.
2. No vehicles are allowed in the park. Vehicles must be confined to parking areas.
3. Permit must be retained at all times by user group and presented upon request.
4. The permit is valid only for the date and times shown. (There are no rain dates).
5. Refunds are permitted according to the Rental Refund Policy.
6. The group is responsible for leaving the pavilion area clean and orderly.
7. Permits are required for any family or group picnics of twenty (20) or more people.
8. No person shall bring, consume. or sell alcoholic beverages in the park unless a permit is obtained providing such consumption and approved by the Parks & Recreation Director.
9. No person shall bring or operate any vessel upon any park waters except at places designated for boating activities by the Parks & Recreation Director.
10. No person shall fish in any park waters where swimming is permitted.
11. Pets must be leashed on a leash no longer than 6 feet long at the following parks: Festival Park & Maynard "Red" Aurand Memorial Park. Domestic pets and/or dogs are NOT allowed at Walter & Mary Burke Park.
12. No intoxicated person shall enter, be in, or remain in the park. Any person found intoxicated in the park shall either be arrested or ejected from the park.
13. Foul or profane language or gestures shall not be permitted at any time.
14. This park is a "Drug Free" zone.

To rent a pavilion, please click the link below to the Request A Facility page. All rental applications must be filled out and submitted in person to the New Baltimore Recreation Center.

Request A Facility Page
Rental Refund Policy