Rental Information


You can now submit a facility rental request from our website. Click the link below to complete your facility rental request and one of our staff members will contact you within 1-2 business days.


*This process is only a request. You must still complete the rental process and submit payment at the New Baltimore Recreation Center during our normal business hours*

Recreation Center Rentals

The New Baltimore Recreation Center is available for rental when NBPR classes or programs are not already scheduled. Most of the rentals that our department can accommodate occur during the weekend.

Building Rental Rates:

$50 - 2 hour block: Resident Rate & Non-Resident Non-Profit Group
$25 - 2 hour block: Resident Non-Profit Group
$75 - 2 hour block: Non-Resident

*$50 Incidentals Fee is charged for all rentals.

The entire incidentals fee will be refunded 10-14 days after your rental if there are no damages during your rental. A portion or all of the incidentals fee may be held by the Parks & Recreation Department depending on the severity of any damages.

Types of activities we can accommodate (not limited to): business/organization meetings, association meetings, sports club registrations, birthday parties, graduation parties, baby or wedding showers.

Rental Capacity: 160 people

Facility Rental Rules & Policies
  • Renters are not allowed to enter the building until their rental time period begins.
  • A maximum of 15 minutes will be allowed after your rental period for cleanup. The renter may be subject to a decreased incidentals fee refund if it is necessary for them to exceed this time limit. (Discretion of the Parks & Recreation Director).
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the New Baltimore Recreation Center.
  • Pets are not allowed in the New Baltimore Recreation Center.
  • Renters are not allowed in any recreation center storage areas or utility closet without the permission of the NBPR staff. Any renter failing to comply with this policy may not be allowed to rent the facility in the future.
  • Decorations for rentals and parties are allowed; however, the decorations must be cleaned by or taken by the renters at the end of the rental time period. Failure to clean decorations could affect the incidentals fee refund.


Pavilion Rentals

        Walter & Mary Burke Park                                             Walter & Mary Burke Park
               Indoor Pavilion                                                                  Outdoor Pavilion

    Maynard "Red" Aurand Memorial Park

Burke Park Pavilion
Hourly Fees
$50 Security Deposit
Due at Time of  Rental


Outdoor Pavilion Fee
(Capacity: 175)
 $20/$30 $20 
 Indoor Pavilion Fee
(Capacity Indoors: 50 - Total: 120)
 Grounds Only
(2 picnic tables)
 Maynard Park Pavilion Fees
(Capacity: 80)
 $25/$35 $15/$25

*$50 Incidentals Fee is charged for every pavilion rental.

Pavilion & Park Rules

1. Park hours are 9:00am - 9:00pm.
2. No vehicles are allowed in the park. Vehicles must be confined to parking areas.
3. Permit must be retained at all times by user group and presented upon request.
4. The permit is valid only for the date and times shown. (There are no rain dates).
5. Refunds are permitted according to the Rental Refund Policy.
6. The group is responsible for leaving the pavilion area clean and orderly.
7. Permits are required for any family or group picnics of twenty (20) or more people.
8. No person shall bring, consume. or sell alcoholic beverages in the park unless a permit is obtained providing such consumption and approved by the Parks & Recreation Director.
9. No person shall bring or operate any vessel upon any park waters except at places designated for boating activities by the Parks & Recreation Director.
10. No person shall fish in any park waters where swimming is permitted.
11. Pets must be leashed on a leash no longer than 6 feet long at most New Baltimore public parks. Domestic pets and/or dogs are NOT allowed at Walter & Mary Burke Park.
12. No intoxicated person shall enter, be in, or remain in the park. Any person found intoxicated in the park shall either be arrested or ejected from the park.
13. Foul or profane language or gestures shall not be permitted at any time.
14. This park is a "Drug Free" zone.

You may submit a rental request by clicking the link at the top of this page, or you can print an application from the "Forms Page" below.

Rental Refund Policy
Athletic Field Rentals

Athletic Field Rental Rate Policy - Click Here

Athletic Field Rental Form - Click Here

The New Baltimore Parks & Recreation Department has multiple sports fields that are available for rent. As long as there are no scheduled recreation programs at the fields, sports teams, clubs, and leagues are welcome to rent these facilities for practices, games, and/or tournaments.

Fields Available to Rent
Festival Park:
4 Youth Baseball / Softball Fields
  • Field #1 - Base Lengths: 50ft., 60ft., 70ft.
  • Field #2 - Base Lengths: 50ft., 60ft., 65ft., 70ft.
  • Field #3 - Base Lengths: 50ft., 60ft., 70ft.
  • Field #4 - Base Lengths: 50ft., 60ft., 70ft.

2 Multi-use athletic fields that can accommodate the following:
  • Youth & Adult Soccer
  • Youth Football Practice
  • Lacrosse
  • Flag Football
Maynard "Red" Aurand Memorial Park:

2 Youth Baseball Fields

  • Field #1 - Base Lengths - 60ft., 70ft.
  • Field #2 - Base Lengths - 60ft., 70ft., 80ft., 90ft.

The New Baltimore Parks & Recreation Department does partner with multiple local athletic teams and associations to provide adult and youth sports for the City of New Baltimore and the Anchor Bay Community. Sports affiliates:

AYSO Region 195
Anchor Bay Buccaneers Youth Football
Anchor Bay Men's Soccer Club
Michigan Brewers Youth Baseball